Monday, February 11, 2013

The Swing Jacket Golf Training Product Returns...Better Than Ever!

The Swing Jacket golf training product has risen from the ashes, literally, and is back in the market, better than ever.

The new product was officially launched at the Tour Edge Media Classic in January of PGA Merchandise Show week. And it was met with rave reviews.

"The Swing Jacket is a very well thought out and constructed training aid that I find works equally well with full swings, chip shots and putting," said freelance golf equipment writer Ed Travis.

 When it debuted over a decade ago, the Swing Jacket became an instant success as a golf swing trainer, a rarity in the golf industry. Unlike competing products the patented Swing Jacket automatically trained golfers to repeat the core fundamentals of a simple, repeatable, efficient swing. Developing an effective swing was no longer such a daunting challenge.

In 2007, however, the Swing Jacket went up in smoke. The company's factory burned down, along with all the dyes, molds and product. It was a complete loss.
Most people would have buried the company in the ashes of that fire. But Bill Walsh isn't most people. After some time of mourning, Walsh regrouped, organized new financial backing, recreated the product, and brought Swing Jacket back to life - better than ever.

Walsh is pleased that the long road back is now official.

"I believe we had just scratched the surface with Swing Jacket before the fire," said Walsh, based in Calgary, Canada. "The product can really serve as a player developmental tool for the golf industry, because it makes learning the proper golf swing very simple. One of golf's issues is that people walk away from the game because they find it just too difficult to learn. Swing Jacket addresses the issue head-on."

The Swing Jacket is the only product that physically guides golfers through a connected, on-plane swing. Whether you use the Swing Jacket hitting whiffle balls in the back yard, taking practice swings in the living room or on the practice tee, each swing is automatically training your body to repeat that optimal swinging motion. By imposing a level of consistency on each swing, the Swing Jacket locks key swing fundamentals into muscle memory.

"The product had developed such a strong reputation of delivering great results that after we ran out of inventory, used Swing Jackets were selling on E-bay for up to 1.5 times our price," said Walsh. "I was getting phone calls and e-mails every day from people looking to buy the product. Now that we're back on the market with an even better product, demand has been really strong."


The Swing Jacket wasn't just an afterthought when it reached the marketplace. 

"We spent 2.5 years and almost $1M to bring the product to market," said Walsh. "We retained the world renowned Human Performance Laboratory to help us understand the bio-mechanics of the optimal swinging motion and then distill that motion down to the core fundamentals that characterize it.

"We tested 52 prototypes on hundreds of golfers before we arrived at the design we sell today. Used properly it will absolutely help any golfer. We've sold over 100,000 units in 54 countries ranging from PGA Tour players who use it to refine their motion to the raw beginners who want to develop sound fundamentals right out of the gate."

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The patented Swing Jacket is the only swing training technology that physically guides athletes through a fundamentally perfect golf swing.  Described by some of the top teachers in the country as "Golf's Ultimate Swing Teacher", the Swing Jacket automatically trains golfers to memorize a connected, on plane swing by making each swing so consistent. Now everyone can experience the FEEL of hitting shot after shot long and straight without having to think about how they are going to improve their swing.  The only product that comes with an unconditional "Great Swing Guarantee".

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