Friday, September 28, 2012

GoBe Introduces The Rebel Golf Shoe "Go Anywhere" Outsole Features Molded 5-Point Star Traction

GoBe Golf, a new golf footwear company, has introduced its new Rebel shoe. The Rebel leads the line of GoBe's high performance footwear with a game-changing tread designed for ideal traction and maximum grip throughout the golf swing. GoBe's innovative patent-pending Talon™ tread sole design offers superior traction on the course without the need for cleats for a "go anywhere" design. The Rebel features sophisticated styling in traditional earth tones.

"Our staff of top shoe designers, technical engineers and PGA professionals built this shoe from the ground up to offer golfers maximum stability and comfort. We want golfers to perform at their best," said Joe Allen, President, GoBe Golf. "We engineered these shoes to be an essential part of a golfers' equipment. We are golf experts focused only on creating high performance footwear designed for the game." 

The Rebel outsole is a patent-pending Talon™ tread sole design that uses a moldedrebel outsole
5-point star traction pattern to provide maximum grip throughout the golf swing. The points of each star grip the grass, creating superior traction without damaging the turf. The stars are strategically placed on the sole to keep dirt and debris from building up. The sole's non-slip vertical and horizontal traction stripes complement the star treads and stabilize the golfer most during the powerful motion of the swing. The Talon™ Tread sole is made of single density, Grade A TPU,
which is more durable than rubber, with as much flexibility as rubber. "Our two-year warranty on the sole demonstrates to our customer our commitment for GoBe shoes to perform well for a very long time," said Allen.

GoBe's PurTEC© upper is specifically designed to be roughly 20 times more water resistant than treated leathers. It breathes, keeps its color and shape, resists stains and is extremely durable in hot or wet conditions.

The GoBe Dry™ shoe liner has a patent-pending interior moisture management system; with  drainage channels, aeration holes at flex points and notches above the toe area to drain perspiration away from the foot. The moisture wicking fiber lining  also aerates, and has anti-microbial and anti-odor properties to keep the foot cool, dry and fresh. The liner has an EVA soft, core center for extra padding at the ball and heel of the foot to provide three times more shock absorption than a standard liner.
To extend the life of its shoes, customers can order an additional pair of shoe liners at noe charge through GoBe Golf footwear is built on a European last with a deep heel cup to keep the foot in place and a wide toe area for a natural, comfortable fit.

The Rebel is available in two color combinations − black with taupe accents and brown with taupe accents. The Rebel will be sold only through high-end resorts, golf course pro shops and online at for a suggested retail of $159.


  • GoBe PurTEC© sports performance material is breathable, extremely durable, retains its color, and never shrinks or wrinkles
  • PurTEC© is roughly 20 times more water resistant than treated leather
  • Gusseted tongue keeps water and debris out
  • Cotton laces stay tied
  • Metal eyelets help the upper keep its shape even when laces are pulled tight

  • GoBe Dry™ shoe liner, with its moisture management system has drainage channels, and aeration holes at flex points and notches above the toe area, so moisture drains away from the foot
  • Removable liner has a dual density EVA soft core center for extra padding at ball and heel, and three times more shock absorption than a standard shoe liner
  • Moisture wicking fiber provides anti-microbial and anti-odor properties to keep foot cool, dry and fresh
  • Built on a European last with a deep heel cup to keep foot in place, and a wide toe area for a natural, comfortable fit 
  • Patent-pending Talon™ tread sole design, made of single density Grade A TPU, which is more durable than rubber, with the same bounce and flexibility as rubber
  • 5-point star molded traction pattern to maximize grip
  • Non-slip traction stripes stabilize the golfer during the powerful swing motion
  • Two-year warranty  
Colors: Black and taupe; brown and taupe
Suggested Retail: $159
Size Range: USA sizing 7 thru 13, Euro sizing 41 thru 47

About GoBe Golf
GoBe Golf, headquartered in Austin, Minn., was founded by industry footwear veterans and PGA Professionals for the sole purpose of creating the best shoes for golfers. GoBe Golf manufacturers high performance footwear for men and women. The shoes are built from the ground up using innovative materials derived from advance footwear technology to specifically provide better traction, comfort and support. For information on GoBe Golf call 507.437.0058, or visit

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Antigua's 2012 Performance Golf Collection is Color

The inspiration for Antigua's 2012 performance golf collection is color, and in bringing this inspiration to life Antigua has developed for the collection six different color groups, including the Wedgewood/Cobalt group, focusing on bright, bold colors. "We found many ways to weave our 'pop' colors in as subtle details while keeping them sharp and proud," says Sean Gregg, Director of Product Development at Antigua, "and tried to focus on how a color affects the textures of its complementing neutrals and sits as a critical contrast as the spark to the paler surroundings."

The 2012 performance collection has been merchandised to tell one cohesive story about color between all six groups,    and the Wedgewood/Cobalt group brings to that story the cool wedgewood and cobalt blues that, paired with shades of grey and every shade of neutral, form an unexpectedly pleasing palette. "The philosophy during the development cycle is that each garment be built to stand alone – as though you were creating someone's 'favorite' piece – and build those pieces out to assemble a full collection of favorites," says Gregg. "With the wide selection of shirts, shorts, outerwear and hats offered in the Wedgewood/Cobalt group, any piece from this group may be combined with any others to create a fashion-forward golf ensemble that's both simple and elegant."

Add to this the tie-in with the complementing outerwear which Antigua has expanded on in both layering styles as well as sweaters, vests and wind shells, and the color story and presentation is enhanced even further. 
The Berry/Bordeaux group is highlighted by bright berry shades that pair with shades of grey and every shade of neutral to form an unexpectedly pleasing palette, an essential component of the single color story of the 2012 performance collection. With the wide selection of shirts, shorts, outerwear and hats offered in the Berry/Bordeaux group, any piece from this group may be combined with any others to create a fashion-forward golf ensemble that's both simple and elegant.

The Keylime/Oasis group, pairing its core colors with shades of grey and every shade of neutral, forms an unexpectedly pleasing palette. "The philosophy during the development cycle is that each garment be built to stand alone – as though you were creating someone's 'favorite' piece – and build those pieces out to assemble a full collection of favorites," says Gregg. "The Keylime/Oasis group offers a wide selection of shirts, shorts, outerwear and hats, so any piece from this group may be combined with any others to create a fashion-forward golf ensemble that's both simple and elegant."

The Melon group is highlighted by a sharp melon orange that pairs with shades of grey and every shade of neutral to form an unexpectedly pleasing palette, an essential component of the single color story of the 2012 performance collection.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 If you’d like to stay loose and focused during an entire round of golf, then this book is for you!  Practice Yoga While You Play Golf by Sarah Cohn shows golfers how to avoid physical and mental tightness while playing, so that you and your swing will feel as good on the 18th hole as on the 1st.   Unlike other golf exercise books, Practice Yoga While You Play Golf provides simple stretches and breathing techniques to do on the course, in order to keep you limber and your swing smooth.
Practice Yoga While You Play Golf helps golfers design a stretching routine tailored specifically for individual body and flexibility levels.   As a bonus, each stretch comes with variations that allows golfers to increase the stretch’s intensity as they progressively gain more flexibility.  Here’s what the book offers:
·         Simple, easy to understand descriptions of each stretch
·         Diagrams to illustrate each on course stretch
·         Specific stretches for each part of a golfer’s body, including key muscle groups
·         Limbering exercises to increase balance, strength and flexibility
·         Tips to manage stress on the golf course or in life.  Increased game enjoyment,
Practice Yoga While You Play Golf is available through  Wholesale orders may be purchased on request through the author,

About Sarah Cohn
Cohn has played golf since she was 16 years old, including being the first female to play on Trinity College’s men’s golf team.  Like most people, her active lifestyle brought on aches and pains as she got older.  She noticed that when she stretched during each round of golf, she felt better and her swing stayed consistent.  She became a certified yoga instructor so she could share this knowledge with other golf enthusiasts.  A retired real estate attorney, Cohn has been an officer of several golf associations in the New York Metropolitan area.  She also serves on the Board of Trinity College and volunteers for many charities, including Habitat for Humanity and organizes packages to be sent to the troops overseas.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunice Delivers Science and Style for Spring/Summer 2013

Outerwear and Silver Polo Collections

Sunice®, Canada's No. 1 outerwear brand, is pleased to unveil its 2013 Outerwear and Silver Polos collections, and introduces EDGE, a new collection with a trimmer fit.

The Sunice Golf 2013 men's color palette uses updated blues, sedona and purple to brighten up collections of basic black and navy. Product embossing details allows for a new take on traditional colors like grey and add visual interest to exciting new colors like charcoal and ivy.
Hurricane - Kelly GORE-TEX® Jacket in Pure White

The ladies collection highlights the ever-popular pure white and adds to the golf fashion rainbow, a soft purple named vivid violet, a new take on blue with barely blue and a bright reddish tone called Radiant Red. The addition of abstract prints helps to make the ladies outerwear unlike any other outerwear brand in the market.

Sunice offers seven different categories in their Spring 2013 line including the all new Sunice Outerwear collections EDGE, Hurricane, Tornado, Typhoon, Pro Sport and Sport, as well as technical apparel line, Sunice Silver. Each outerwear category provides different levels of protection from an array of weather conditions. A multitude of technical applications and the science of developing performance apparel gives Sunice the cutting edge necessary in providing the ultimate Freedom to play, no matter the weather.
Elmont EDGE GORE-TEX® Jacket
All new EDGE Collection
Featuring GORE-TEX® enable with Paclite® technology and backed by the GORE-TEX® "Guaranteed to keep you dry™" promise, the Edge Collection differentiates itself from the Hurricane Collection with a new trimmer fit and bold colors and logos. This waterproof and high-performance layering collection is inspired by PGA Tour cutting-edge young guns.

The collection contains 3 jackets and 1 pant - all in GORE-TEX® enable with Paclite® technology. Colorway in this collection is very bright with lime/white and black embossed fabrics/trims. The jacket's added features include larger and trendy branding, bright colors, and the Pro-Trim™ waist cinching system, in-pocket ball cleaner. The Sunice style is represented in detailing such as laser cut designs at back, laser cut and welded pocket frames, and the Sunice patented V collar design.

Ultimate V5 GORE-TEX® Jacket
Hurricane Collection
Featuring GORE-TEX® enable with Paclite® technology and GORE-TEX®, and backed by the GORE-TEX® "Guaranteed to keep you dry™" promise, the Hurricane Collection is the Sunice Gore category.

The ever-popular Ultimate Jacket is back in its fifth version (V5), with a complete re-design. The Sunice science is evident in the V5 jacket's added features, including the X-Static® stretch lining, Pro-Trim™ waist cinching system, in-pocket ball cleaner, and stretch insert back panel. The Sunice style is represented in detailing such as laser cut designs on the sleeves and body, laser cut and welded pocket frames, and the Sunice patented V collar design.
Havelock FlexVent™ Jacket

Tornado Collection
 Breathable, ultra lightweight and ultra quiet products backed by a four-year waterproof guarantee are what define the Tornado Collection.

Sunice FlexVent™ for 2013 introduces new colors of Citadel and Sedona, along with a Charcoal plaid print brightened with shadow and White. Versatile, full stretch, highly breathable, and waterproof, this proprietary fabric technology is perfect for playing golf in heavy rain or varying temperatures with its performance features and extreme comfort. Our FlexVent™ fabric is one of the most waterproof stretch fabrics on the market. With its uniquely soft hand feel and super quiet laminate, we believe this is the future in waterproofs.

Typhoon Collection
The Typhoon category - now a full-stretch, waterproof category with a three-year waterproof guarantee - encompasses all that a well designed, lightweight rainsuit should be. Introduced in 2011, Zephal™ is a quieter-performing lightweight fabric that now has the added benefit of Full Stretch. An assortment of styles provides a great value proposition for a very technical suit, and incorporates many of the golf-enhancing features that Sunice is famous for.

Pro Sport Alicia WINDSTOPPER® Full Zip Merino Wool Sweater
in Vivid Violet
Pro-Sport Collection
Taking what we do best and applying it outside of the raingear spectrum has resulted in the Sunice ProSport  Collection. This category features WINDSTOPPER® by Gore as its high-end performance gear, resulting in lightweight and fashion driven layering pieces.

For those weather conditions that are a little more demanding, your ultimate choice should be a WINDSTOPPER® garment. The most breathable, 100% windproof, highly water repellent styles available from Sunice include the new Triberg as a super lightweight and 4 ways stretch jacket; while the Malaga is the vest version incorporating the same feature. The Dundee, York, and Birmingham all provide new design options in our infamous
WINDSTOPPER® lined sweaters.  

Sport Layers Collection 
Allendale Pullover FX™ Pullover
Adding properly designed layers into a golf wardrobe can enhance a golfer's overall physical performance and ultimately improve their golf game. Sunice Performance Layers are designed to create an apparel layering system that allows golfers to play at their very best in all weather conditions. For cool mornings or damp dawns early in the season, when an extra layer is needed without the extra bulk or weight, the Allendale SuperLite FX™ Pullover is the update to the Olie and is definitively the ultimate choice. A chest pocket zipper surrounded by laser cut seal tape, moisture wicking properties, and bright color combinations are just a few of the details that make this piece stand out from the rest.

Silver Collection
Sunice is the only golf apparel company to have the silver technology in its garments, featuring the X-Static® fabric. 
Padova Asymetric Stripe Polo

The Men's Sunice Silver Spring 2013 Collection offers a wide selection of core basics including a short and long sleeve polo option, lightweight layering, and bottoms in a variety of plaids and solids. Bottoms are available in Black, Midnight and Charcoal. Full stretch fabric, and stain release are a few of the characteristics that make the Peter moisture wicking shorts a very desirable option. Deconstructed argyles, asymmetrical blockings, updated herringbone, and an assortment of stripes are but a few of the design details found
Susan Firework Print Polo
throughout the collection.

The Women's Sunice Silver Collection has basics to merchandise back into the fashion collections and bottoms in solids and plaids. The Utility Chic Collection is made up of classic Black and White; Married to a royal Collection merchandises the Sunice Silver version of purple with vivid violet, charcoal and White; and finally, Blue my Mind leaves one dreaming of luxurious Barely Blue and fresh white. Sunice Silver for women provides clean lines and fashion detailing to a technical shirt collection.

About Sunice
Sunice®, founded in 1976 in Alberta, Canada as a skiwear brand, successfully transcended its technical outerwear capabilities into the golf market in the early 1990s as the golf industry gravitated towards designing sport-specific garments that truly helped enhance the game. Thus, it's no surprise Sunice® - owned and run by Montreal, Canada-based Fletcher Leisure Group Inc., a company with 42 years of golf industry experience - meets the demands of the most discerning golfer. Sunice® golf rainwear is a chosen favorite by many PGA and LPGA Tour players around the world.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

This Weekend

It is going to be a BE-YOU-T-FULL weekend for golf here on Long Island. I hope you get out an enjoy it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

adidas Golf Introduces adicross II Footwear

New adicross II features a redesigned outsole for more traction and flexibility with new fashion-forward styling

adidas Golf, a leader in high-performance golf footwear, today introduced its new adicross II, which is designed to combine all of the performance benefits of a traditional golf shoe with the off-course versatility and contemporary styling of a casual shoe. 
adicross II features new, strategically-placed square-shaped traction lugs and updated outsole design to promote improved traction and to reduce marking on the putting surface.  New “flex grooves” are positioned at the forefoot to promote superior flexibility, natural feel and solid sole-to-ground contact throughout the swing. 
“The tour-proven adicross II provides superior traction and comfort in all types of weather and any course-condition a golfer can expect to encounter,” said Bill Price, Vice President of adidas Golf Footwear. “Plus, the shoe’s casual, contemporary styling and spikeless sole allow you to wear it with confidence off the course, as well.”
Infused with classic adidas styling, adicross II’s full-grain leather upper is both lightweight and durable while offering a rich look and feel.  And for the first time golfers can choose between a classic lace-up and a fashion-forward Velcro-strap.

PGA Tour professional Justin Rose introduced the original adicross to the world last September 2011 when he wore them while winning the BMW Championship, and since then more than 200,000 pairs have been sold and worn by golfers all over the world. adicross II is the next generation of lightweight, spikeless , comfortable shoes that promote natural movement, both on the course and off.
adicross II will be available at retail starting on November 1, 2012. Offered in medium and wide widths . Lace-up available in three colorways: Black/Dark Silver Metallic/Dark Silver Metallic, Tan Brown/Black/Scout Metallic., Running White/ Tan Brown/Energy, at an MSRP of $90 USD.  Velcro-strap available in two colorways:  Running White/Black/Fashion Performance Glow and Black/Dark Silver/Fashion Performance Highlighter, at an MSRP of $80 USD.


New Program Allows Access for Family Without Added Guest Fees

In yet another way to distinguish The Muttontown Club in the marketplace and provide value to its membership, the Board of Governors has instituted an enhanced package of benefits for “Regular Members” (those with full privileges) that allows their vertical family members to use the amenities of the club without guest fees. This means children (and their spouses), grandchildren, parents, and grandparents of a Muttontown Club Regular Member are welcome to golf, dine and otherwise enjoy the club with no guest charges.
Those who apply for a 2013 Regular Membership before October 1, 2012, will receive the “Affinity Program” incentive, which provides immediate full access upon approval. In addition, until November 30, 2012, every new member who joins the club as a Regular Member for 2013 and commits to Regular Membership for a minimum of three full years qualifies for the “Pledge Three Program” incentive, which includes a $4,000 credit in 2013, and a $2,000 credit in 2014 – which can be applied to golf and cart fees, dining, guest fees, and pro shop merchandise and/or equipment. (Certain restrictions apply to special offers - please contact the club for details).

“This is the time of year when many families make a decision about which country club they’ll choose to spend their hard-earned money on in 2013,” says board of governors’ vice president Robert Sherman. “By adopting the enhanced benefits package, we are demonstrating a continued commitment to the club, and to the overall value and experience we provide to our members and their families,” he added.
Having just celebrated its 50th anniversary, The Muttontown Club’s 18-hole, Alfred H. Tull-designed golf course stretches over 6,500 yards, and features intricate greens and a double-sided driving range. With plenty of opportunity for competitive and casual play for men and women alike, the golf course is impeccably maintained, and the professional staff can often be found playing golf with members and teaching the game every day, at no charge. Other amenities include an engaging social calendar, and a tennis and free-form pool complex with kiddie playground. Although it is typical for clubs in the area to close (or substantially restrict services) over the winter, The Muttontown Club is open year-round, and provides high quality dining at fair prices, and even has an indoor golf simulator for year-round enjoyment.

The Muttontown Club is managed by Troon Privé, the private club division of Troon Golf. Members at Troon Privé managed clubs enjoy reciprocal play at over 30 private clubs around the world, as well as preferred rates at Troon Golf-managed daily fee and resort facilities. The Troon Privé portfolio includes such private clubs of distinction as BallenIsles in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.; Fieldstone in Greenville, Del.; Silver Creek Valley in San Jose, Calif.; St. James Plantation in Southport, N.C.; Pronghorn in Bend, Ore.; Ocean Club in Paradise Island, Bahamas; Settlers Run in Cranbourne South, Victoria, Australia; and Bearwood Lakes in London, England. For details about The Muttontown Club call 516.922.7500 or visit For more information on Troon Privé, please visit

Contact Information     
DJ Flanders
General Manager
The Muttontown Club
516.922.7500, ext. 210

Brett Brooks
Manager, Marketing Communications

2012 Ryder Cup Merchandise

The 2012 Ryder Cup is just two weeks away.  The on-site merchandise tent at Medinah and online shop,, will be hot spots for popular Ryder Cup merchandise.  Below are a few products for Ryder Cup merchandise partners, AHEAD, Burton and Devant that are currently available online and in local golf shops.

Ryder Cup Headwear By AHEAD

AHEAD, the official licensee of the 2012 Ryder Cup, is offering a variety of caps for the matches. The caps are available in several styles, colors and ornamentation options. Choose between structured or unstructured caps, casual cut or extreme cut, vintage twill or classic look and mesh, Coolmax or cotton fabrics. The prices for the Ryder Cup caps range from $25-$30 and are available on line at or at your local golf shop.


                                Burton Offers Ryder Cup Staff Bags And Stand Bags
Ryder Cup Staff Bag
Golfers can get into the Ryder Cup spirit with their choice of Ryder Cup golf Ryder Cup Den Caddybags. Burton offers four Ryder Cup golf bags. The vinyl 10-inch Staff Bag and Den Caddy have a patriotic U.S.A. design of red, white and blue and are accented with stars and embroidered American flags. The Ryder Cup logo is prominently displayed on the ball and belly pockets of each bag. The suggested retail of the Staff Bag is $499.95 and $129.95 for the Den Caddy.

Ryder Cup Stand Bag

Burton also offers two stand bags - the Pro in navy and Player in red. Both have the Ryder Cup logo on the ball pocket and can be personalized with an individual's name. The suggested retail for the Ryder Cup Pro stand bag is $219.95 and $189.95 for the Ryder Cup Player stand bag.




                               Devant's Ryder Cup Towels A Perfect Event Memorabilia 


Devant, the industry leader in quality custom and embroidered golf towels, offers two Ryder Cup towels that are wonderful memorabilia for this year's event. The Official 2012 Commemorative Artwork showcases the Medinah clubhouse in a brilliantly colored and stunningly energetic painting that Devant has reproduced on its Hi-Def Edge towel. The exclusive Hi-Def imaging technology is a phenomenal way to reproduce the artwork while keeping the soft hand of a functional velour towel. The suggested retail of the 16 x 24 inch towel is $24.95.

Devant's proprietary Image Dye™ process is used to create a unique Ryder Cup logo towel with a repeating background.
This technology yields the sharpest and highest quality logo representation on a super absorbent cotton towel. The 16 x 25 inch towel retails for $19.95.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rory Wins Back to Back

Rory posted this on Twitter on Saturday, "Somehow I turned a 76 into a 69 today! Did some good work on the range this evening... Excited for tomorrow to try and win my 2nd in a row"... and he had this today after his Sunday round, "Back to back wins!!! Another great week on the course!" The kid is hot and it looks like it is going to last for a while.

Friday, September 7, 2012

SwingWing Golf Introduces 6-in-1 Inflatable Power Swing Trainer

Wind resistance training improves tempo, clubhead speed, and warm-up...

SwingWing Golf™ is offering golf’s only inflatable power swing trainer. The SwingWing™ is an amazing lightweight, easy-to-inflate 6-in1 training tool that quickly slides over the grip of any club.
“The patented design of the SwingWing provides just the right amount of wind-resistance to develop a stronger, faster swing,” said Dan Gitre, SwingWing inventor and CEO SwingWing Golf™. “Wind-resistance training is a proven technique to help improve a golfer's tempo, lag, sequencing, and full body turn, resulting in increased distance off the tee.”
Made of soft, flocked vinyl, the SwingWing will not damage your club. It is also the perfect tool for warming-up before you practice or play. With just 10 swings, you're warmed up and ready to play a great round of golf.
The SwingWing is simple to use. Just inflate the SwingWing, slide it onto the club shaft and position it near the head of the club and you are all set.
For strength building, swing the club 10 to 20 times, increasing your effort with each swing. To work on your tempo, swing the club and feel the resistance on both your backswing and as you bring the club forward through your swing.
In addition to warming-up, other features and benefits of the SwingWing include:
• Place between your forearms for proper arm position and symmetry
• Stabilize the wrists for controlled chipping and putting
• Place between your knees to involve your legs and torso and maintain a proper base
• Place under one arm to eliminate the “chicken wing”
• Use it as a prop for your clubs at the range or on a wet course
• Use it as an alignment tool or to help visualize and perfect the proper swing plane
After you are finished, the SwingWing can be attached to a towel hook on your bag, or it can be deflated and quickly stored in your golf bag.

The SwingWing retails for $29.99 and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. For more information or to order, visit


SwingWing Golf™ is located at 4767 Ravinewood Drive, Commerce Township, Mich. Dan Gitre is the inventor and CEO. His goal was to develop a wind-resistance trainer that all golfers could afford and benefit both in training and when warming up. The SwingWing retails for $29.99 and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Dan Gitre

Peter Ganley and Lee Ann Lewis Win 49th MGA/MGWA Mixed Pinehurst Championship

It was a triumphant day for Peter Ganley of Wheatley Hills and Lee Ann Lewis of Southward Ho at The Tuxedo Club as they won the 49th MGA/MGWA Mixed Pinehurst Championship by one stroke. The duo finished with a score of 2-under 69, edging out Jeff Thomsen and Margaret Ference of The Cherry Valley Club. The Ganley-Lewis team, who has finished as runner-up in the event four times, reported that they played a stress free round which allowed them to play consistently today. “We always had one ball in a good spot, which definitely helped us,” Lewis claimed. Ganley added that they carded three birdies and only bogey. Thomsen and Ference shot 1-under 70 to finish as the runner-up team. Liam Quinn and Margy Hogan played well at their home course today, ending up as the third place team with a score of 3-over 74.
Robert Cardone and Christine Derienzo of Bethpage State Park took home first-place honors in the low net division with a net score of 9-under 62.
Defending champions Michael and Valerie Reardon did not have their best day of golf, shooting an 81, despite having the home-course advantage. Mike stated that it was nice to have members wish them luck in the past few weeks, and that it was great to win the event last year but tough to play as defending champions.
This year’s championship saw the addition of a professional division, in which either the man or woman golfer can play as the professional. Mark McCormick, who qualified for and played in the U.S. Open this year, and Regina Potter, an amateur from Suburban, beat John Clarizo and Marina Unis in a match of cards after both teams shot 2-over 73. In the pro-pro division, in which both partners were professionals, Chris Muldoon, at his home course of Tuxedo, and Sarah Stone of Trump National – Westchester came out as the winners of another match of cards over Adam and Rebecca McDaid of Friar’s Head after both duos shot 1-over 72.
The Pinehurst format is one in which teammates both hit drives, play a second shot from each other’s ball, and then make the choice of which ball to play to finish the hole. This is the first year that the MGA partnered with the WMGA to host the event, and the historic Tuxedo Club, set up to play as par 35-36-71 at 5,394 yards, provided an excellent and challenging track for the championship.

About the MGA: The Metropolitan Golf Association was founded in 1897 and is one of the nation’s oldest and largest amateur golf associations representing more than 500 clubs in the tri-state Metropolitan Area. Through a network of more than 300 volunteers, and a full-time staff operating out of its Golf Central headquarters in Elmsford, N.Y., the Association fulfills its role as a true non-profit service organization. Through a variety of unique, relevant, and innovative services for member clubs and area golfers, the MGA has established itself as a leader among local and national golf organizations.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pros and Reps Meet at Long Island Trade Show

It was a great two days at the Four Pointes Sheraton in Plainview where many of Long Island's pros and reps met to discuss the 2013 product lines.

Bellmore Teen Golfer, Jacob Cutler, Attended The First Tee Life Skills & Leadership Academy

At the end of July Bellmore’s Jacob Cutler was been selected to attend The First Tee Life Skills and Leadership Academy on Long Island, sponsored by The First Tee of Metropolitan New York (TFTMNY), along with Nassau County and Hofstra University.
Cutler, who participates with The First Tee of Nassau County, is one of three participants from the TFTMNY Chapter to be selected who attended the Academy.  He joined Sarah Gander, Fairfield, Conn. (The First Tee at Fairchild Wheeler), and Brian Carty, Jamaica, N.Y. (The First Tee of Nassau County).
The First Tee – a youth organization introducing the game of golf and its inherent values to young people – has selected 96 of the top participants from across the nation to attend this year’s Academy, designed to promote character and leadership development by combining golf with life-skills activities and career exploration.  With lodging accommodations at residence halls at Hofstra University, the participants also were exposed to life on a college campus and had the opportunity to meet other students.
The Academy experience began with golf at Eisenhower Park GC, one of six facilities of TFTMNY and home to The First Tee of Nassau County.  This marks the first time The First Tee has used a public county golf course for its Academy, with Nassau County providing access to participants throughout the week on the facility’s Red and Blue courses, as well as on the Christopher Morley executive nine-hole course.  A tournament was held Sunday morning on the Red Course.
Academy participants were also treated to a series of non-golf outings, including visits to the Nassau County Firefighters Museum & Education Museum, Cradle of Aviation Museum, Nickerson Beach Park, and a boat cruise around New York City.  To culminate the week on Monday, the participants played a round of golf at the prestigious Village Club of Sands Point, located at the former Guggenheim Estate.
“We are indebted to the Nassau County government for its generosity and hospitality in welcoming the Academy to the county,” said Barry McLaughlin, TFTMNY executive director.  “Our Chapter is extremely honored to host this wonderful event, which will help shape the outstanding First Tee participants into the leaders of tomorrow.”
McLaughlin added that members of the Nassau County community also have thrown their support behind the Academy, and many donated their time as volunteers during the week.
In addition to the three hosting organizations, Academy sponsors included Tomi Otee, an environmentally friendly golf apparel manufacturer who will be donating shirts for each participant; Poland Spring Water; and Whole Foods of Manhasset, N.Y.
For more information about The First Tee of Metropolitan New York, call (718) 655-9164 or visit

About The First Tee of Metropolitan New York
The First Tee of Metropolitan New York ( Chapter was founded in 2001 at Mosholu Golf Course in the Bronx, and now includes five additional Facilities at Eisenhower Park G.C., Fairchild Wheeler G.C., Plainfield West 9, Golf Club at Chelsea Piers, and Weequahic Park G.C. The Chapter was formed through a partnership that includes the Metropolitan Golf Association Foundation, the Met Section PGA and the Rudin Family, to teach young people that have traditionally been denied access to the game, valuable Life Skills and Nine Core Values through the game of golf. The Chapter serves over 4,000 participants each year through its unique curriculum developed by top educators.

About The First Tee of Nassau County
The First Tee of Nassau County ( was founded in 2005, becoming the second official Facility of The First Tee of Metropolitan New York.  Since that time, the program in Nassau County has become one of the largest and most successful Facilities in the United States, serving over 1,500 young people each year and dozens of community groups. Under the leadership of Program Director, Mike Wade, PGA, The First Tee programs in Nassau County continue to grow, and future plans include further utilization of the Facility at Eisenhower Park, as well as expansion into other courses owned and operated by Nassau County Parks.

About The First Tee
The First Tee (, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth development organization whose mission is to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf. With its home office at World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Fla., The First Tee reaches young people on golf courses, in elementary schools and on military installations.
Since its inception in 1997, The First Tee has introduced the game of golf and its values to more than 6.5 million young people in all 50 United States and six international locations. The First Tee is an initiative of the World Golf Foundation and its Founding Partners are LPGA, the Masters Tournament, PGA of America, PGA TOUR and the USGA. Shell Oil Company is The First Tee’s Founding Corporate Partner and Johnson & Johnson is its Legacy Partner. Former President George W. Bush serves as honorary chair.

Since 2011, TOMI OTEE ( has pioneered a golf lifestyle by the way it connects its consumers with their passion in terms of fashion, of responsibility and of community engagement. The TOMI OTEE signature design integrates a golf function as a fashion statement and uses fabrics that celebrate the environment while providing high-end breathability and moisture wicking capabilities.  TOMI OTEE also provides direct support to communities through US-wide charity partnerships and is currently available for sale US wide and in Korea. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Three of New York’s finest amateur golfers, captained by the Metropolitan Golf Association’s Brian Mahoney, were recently selected to represent the New York State team in the USGA’s 10th Men’s State Team Championships to be played at Galloway National Golf Club in Galloway, N.J., from Sept. 19-21.

Mahoney, who’s in his 12th year with the MGA and is currently the director of rules & competitions, selected reigning MGA Player of the Year Mike Miller of Brewster, N.Y., two-time MGA Player of the Year Joe Saladino of Huntington, N.Y., and former SMU men’s golf team standout Max Buckley of Rye, N.Y. to lead the Empire State team next month. 

“We are fortunate to have so many great amateurs to choose from in our state, and I think this year’s team will be one of the strongest at the championship,” Mahoney said.

The Men’s State Team Championships began in 1995, which marked the USGA’s centennial anniversary. It has been a biannual event ever since and involves representation from every state by three non-college amateur players. Eighteen holes of stroke play will be held for three days, with the two lowest of the three individual scores counting toward the team’s overall score. The team with the lowest aggregate score through 54-holes will be crowned the champions.

New York has never won the event but Mahoney seems determined about changing that, choosing players with major firepower and the uncanny ability to go low.

“In addition to being outstanding players, Joe, Mike and Max also display the highest standards of sportsmanship every time they compete,” Mahoney said. “I am looking forward to the championship and I know the players are, too.”

Buckley, who made his second consecutive trip to the U.S. Amateur earlier this month, has already tallied several top-10s this year, including runner-up in the Westchester Open and T2 at the Ike Championship.

Miller, who is currently No. 49 in the World Golf Amateur Rankings, is also returning from the U.S. Amateur, where he qualified for match play for the second consecutive year. The 2011 Met Amateur champion currently leads the MGA Player of the Year standings, and has added a Westchester Amateur championship this summer to his glowing list of accomplishments.

Nipping at Miller’s heals in the MGA POY race is Saladino, who’s currently in third place. Saladino is once again having a stellar season, with a win at the Travis Memorial, T2 at the Ike, runner-up at the Mittelmark Invitational, and third place finish in the Long Island Open.  

This is the first time a USGA event is being held at Galloway National Golf Club. The scenic Tom Fazio designed par-71 of 6,963 yards will provide a difficult test for players, with challenging hazards and complex greens.

For full coverage of the event, please visit, as well as USGA’s Men’s Team State Championship website.

The Sea Pines Resort Announces New Clubhouse for Heron Point, Ocean Course

The Sea Pines Resort -- Hilton Head's most celebrated leisure retreat and home of the PGA TOUR’s RBC Heritage – announces plans for a new golf clubhouse serving its Heron Point and Ocean golf courses.
With completion slated for late 2013, the 16,000 square-foot clubhouse will reside on the site of the current Plantation Club and provide a premier golf experience for members and guests. Planned amenities include an expansive pro shop; bar and grill; 2,000 square-feet of meeting / event space; and spacious locker rooms.

The new clubhouse follows several revitalization projects at the acclaimed Lowcountry destination  including: interior updates to the Harbour Town Conference Center; new cart paths on Harbour Town Golf Links; and marsh restoration off the shore of the famed 18th hole of Harbour Town. Plans have also been finalized for a new Sea Pines Resort Fitness Center to be located at the Shops at Sea Pines Center.
“The new clubhouse and our other resort enhancements continue our quest to remain one of the world’s most distinguished resorts,” says Steve Birdwell, President. “We continually seek ways to provide an extraordinary experience for our members and guests.”

While golf is the focal point, The Sea Pines Resort features an array of world-class amenities including a focus on tennis. The Racquet Club boasts 23 clay courts and is ranked as one of the best in the U.S. Five miles of sweeping Atlantic beaches offer everything from sea-kayaking to fishing to surfing. The enchanted 605-acre Forest Preserve is ideal for horseback riding and hiking.
Its array of luxurious accommodations includes The Inn at Harbour Town -- an award-winning 60-room boutique hotel – as well as 300 villas and 100 rental homes.
For more information about the resort and its wide-variety of golf packages: 866.561.8802. Information about the new clubhouse is available at:
About The Sea Pines Resort
One of the true crown jewels of American golf, The Sea Pines Resort is home to legendary Harbour Town Golf Links (home of the PGA TOUR’s RBC Heritage) designed by Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus, Heron Point by Pete Dye, and the Ocean Course. The resort’s best-in-class collection of golf courses, amenities, meeting facilities and accommodations makes Sea Pines one of the most sought-after leisure and group destinations in America.


John Kennedy Jr. of New Canaan, Conn., whose leadership within the Metropolitan PGA Section extended to establishing a foundation for supporting the men and women of the military along with affiliation with the VA to help instruct disabled veterans, has been named the recipient of the 2012 Patriot Award.

First presented in 2008, the Patriot Award honors a PGA Professional who personifies patriotism through the game of golf and demonstrates unwavering commitment and dedication to the men and women who have valiantly served and protected the United States of America.

The 61-year-old Kennedy is in his 22nd year as PGA head professional at Westchester Country Club in Rye, N.Y., and is a 36-year member of The PGA of America. He will be recognized by The PGA of America Nov. 10, at the PGA 96th Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Also honored at that event will be the New Jersey PGA Section, recipient of the Herb Graffis Award for exemplary contributions in Player Development.

Kennedy is the second Metropolitan PGA Section member to receive the Patriot Award, following John Hines of Calverton, N.Y., in 2011.

“Our talented 2012 class of national award winners span more than four decades of service to our Association and to the game of golf,” said PGA of America President Allen Wronowski. “They are PGA Professionals of impact to their Section, their respective communities and in many cases they have influenced others throughout the country. We are proud of how they daily go about their business of inspiring young and old, and grow the game through innovation and their passion. By their dedication to serving others, we are proud to declare that they are truly experts in the game and the business of golf.”

Kennedy established Golfers in Support of the Troops Foundation in 2008, which has raised more than $90,000 over a four-year period to distribute more than 20,000 articles of clothing to U.S. troops and their families. Clothing was sent to Baghdad, Iraq, Fort Benning, Ga., Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Collins, Colo.; and Fort Drum, N.Y. Kennedy contributed 50 percent of the clothing that he purchased for his own golf shop.

In addition to Westchester Country Club serving as a strong supporter of Patriot Golf Day since the initiative began in 2007, it also has supported Kennedy’s efforts to build an alliance between the New York VA Hospital Prosthetics Device Department and 2010 Patriot Award recipient Jim Estes of Olney, Md., founder of the Salute Military Golf Association. Together with 2011 Patriot Award recipient John Hines, the group is working to expand training of PGA Professionals to give golf instruction to disabled veterans.

“I think that certainly anyone growing up in America should have great appreciation for those who serve our country in uniform,” said Kennedy. “I have great respect for those that served and have served and the sacrifices they have made. It is a great feeling that by our efforts such as Golfers in Support of the Troops that we may help our veterans and particularly their families. Additionally, we have built a relationship with the New York VA Hospital to help spread training of PGA Professionals to encourage more disabled veterans to have the opportunity to learn and play golf. It gives those who have been in hospitals, sometimes for months, something positive for which to look forward. If I can succeed in this project, then more around the country can follow.”

Born in Fairfield, Conn., Kennedy graduated from Fairfield University in 1972 and turned professional that year. He was elected to PGA membership in 1976, during which time he was an assistant professional at Sleepy Hollow Country Club in Scarborough, N.Y. In 2010, he became the third member of the Metropolitan PGA Section to be named a recipient of the Horton Smith Award, which recognizes an individual PGA member for outstanding and continuing contributions to professional education.

Kennedy also was the 1997 Metropolitan PGA Golf Professional of the Year; and recipient of the 2005 Section Bill Strausbaugh Award; the 1985, ’88 and 2009 Section Horton Smith Award; and the 1983, ’91 Section Merchandiser of the Year for Private Facilities.

Kennedy and his wife, Eileen, live in New Canaan, Conn., and are the parents of a son, John III, and a daughter, Sarah.

The PGA of America also will bestow its 2012 national awards Jan. 24, 2013, during the 60th PGA Merchandise Show at the Orange County Convention Center’s Chapin Theater in Orlando, Fla.

The program will honor the following recipients:
  • Mike Schultz of Eden Prairie, Minn. – PGA Golf Professional of the Year
  • Michael Breed of Greenwich, Conn. – PGA Teacher of the Year
  • Don Law of Boca Raton, Fla. – PGA Junior Golf Leader
  • Carl Alexander of Bedford, N.Y. – Horton Smith Award
  • Harry Hammond Jr. of West Chester, Pa.– Bill Strausbaugh Award
  • Mark Holiday of Bozeman, Mont. – PGA Player Development Award

The PGA Merchandisers of the Year will be honored Jan. 18, 2013, at the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate, Fla. They are:
  • Amy Pendergast of Bandon, Ore. – Resort Facilities
  • Dale Smigelsky of Fort Collins, Colo. – Public Facilities
  • George Kahrhoff of Castle Rock, Colo. – Private Facilities

About The PGA of America
Since its founding in 1916, The PGA of America has maintained a twofold mission: to establish and elevate the standards of the profession and to grow interest and participation in the game of golf. By establishing and elevating the standards of the golf profession through world-class education, career services, marketing and research programs, The PGA enables its professionals to maximize their performance in their respective career paths and showcases them as experts in the game and in the multi-billion dollar golf industry. By creating and delivering world-class championships and innovative programs, The PGA of America elevates the public's interest in the game, the desire to play more golf, and ensures accessibility to the game for everyone, everywhere. As The PGA nears its centennial, the PGA brand represents the very best in golf.

The PGA of America, 100 Avenue of the Champions, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy Announces Fall Class

  Prestigious Program Draws Students from 25 Countries, 22 States
Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy (Hank Haney IJGA) – the world’s only academy to combine training, academics and competition for serious players – announces a fall class representing 25 countries and 22 states.

The new semester at Hank Haney IJGA began Aug. 16 and features talented junior golfers from six continents. Countries represented are Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Ecuador, Estonia, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Serbia, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela.

“Hank Haney IJGA offers a unique training experience and diverse learning environment for passionate junior golfers to prepare for elite competition and future endeavors outside the sport,” says Peter Orrell, President and CEO of Junior Sports Corporation, owner/operator of the Hank Haney IJGA. “Our staff is dedicated to helping each student reach his or her full potential in the classroom and on the golf course.”

Hank Haney IJGA opened in 1995 with only six golfers. Several graduates now play on the PGA and LPGA Tours in addition to top NCAA Division I schools. Hank Haney, former coach to Tiger Woods, serves as director of instruction. His students have gone on to win every major championship in professional, collegiate, amateur and junior golf.

The full-time golf program at Hank Haney IJGA consists of spending half a day on golf instruction. For the second half, students in grades five through 12 attend Heritage Academy to fulfill their academic requirements. Classwork includes extensive offerings in college preparatory and honors courses.

From September until May, students compete on the International Junior Golf Tour. More than 50 two- and three-day weekend tournaments are held annually.

For more information about Hank Haney IJGA:,, 800.791.8229.

About Junior Sports Corporation

Located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, JSC owns and operates:

Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy ( is the world’s only academy to combine training, competition and academics for serious junior golfers.  Director of Instruction Hank Haney – coach to winners of every major championship on the PGA Tour – and his elite staff train junior golfers from more than 25 countries across six continents.

The International Junior Golf Tour ( hosts 50 tournaments annually and is the only junior golf tour with events every weekend during the September-to-May school year.

Established in May 2011, the Ivan Lendl Junior Tennis Academy ( produces the finest tennis training and competition for junior students to ultimately reach the college or professional ranks. Ivan Lendl, former World No. 1 player and winner of eight Grand Slam singles titles, serves as Director of Instruction and is dedicated to the development of each junior tennis player.

Heritage Academy ( provides progressive, diverse academic instruction for students from grades five to 12 who pursue extra-curricular passions, such as golf at Hank Haney IJGA and tennis at Ivan Lendl IJTA.

Hilton Head Island is easily accessible by most major airlines through Hilton Head Island (HHI), Savannah (SAV), Charleston (CHS) and Columbia (CAE) airports.