Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 If you’d like to stay loose and focused during an entire round of golf, then this book is for you!  Practice Yoga While You Play Golf by Sarah Cohn shows golfers how to avoid physical and mental tightness while playing, so that you and your swing will feel as good on the 18th hole as on the 1st.   Unlike other golf exercise books, Practice Yoga While You Play Golf provides simple stretches and breathing techniques to do on the course, in order to keep you limber and your swing smooth.
Practice Yoga While You Play Golf helps golfers design a stretching routine tailored specifically for individual body and flexibility levels.   As a bonus, each stretch comes with variations that allows golfers to increase the stretch’s intensity as they progressively gain more flexibility.  Here’s what the book offers:
·         Simple, easy to understand descriptions of each stretch
·         Diagrams to illustrate each on course stretch
·         Specific stretches for each part of a golfer’s body, including key muscle groups
·         Limbering exercises to increase balance, strength and flexibility
·         Tips to manage stress on the golf course or in life.  Increased game enjoyment,
Practice Yoga While You Play Golf is available through  Wholesale orders may be purchased on request through the author,

About Sarah Cohn
Cohn has played golf since she was 16 years old, including being the first female to play on Trinity College’s men’s golf team.  Like most people, her active lifestyle brought on aches and pains as she got older.  She noticed that when she stretched during each round of golf, she felt better and her swing stayed consistent.  She became a certified yoga instructor so she could share this knowledge with other golf enthusiasts.  A retired real estate attorney, Cohn has been an officer of several golf associations in the New York Metropolitan area.  She also serves on the Board of Trinity College and volunteers for many charities, including Habitat for Humanity and organizes packages to be sent to the troops overseas.

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