Thursday, June 10, 2010

Interviews with the Head Professionals of Long Island

Last week at the Seawane Club, I interviewed several head pros at facilities all over Long Island and the Metropolitan area. We discussed new programs and clinics at their respective courses, what they do to remain competitive in tournaments while juggling their busy schedules, and what a victory in the Head Pro Championship would mean for them and their clubs.

John Gatta, Middle Bay Country Club (Oceanside)- “It’s very difficult, time management is real important. I try to take care of my job first, my playing comes second and any additional time I have I try to get out there and hit some balls and practice.”

Carl Alexander, Golf Club of Purchase (Purchase)- “Basically you teach a lot, you have a lot of duties so you go into a tournament and play with what you have. You don’t have a lot of time to practice, what practice time I do have which will usually be early in the morning or late in the evening you would focus hopefully on short game because that’s where its really going to matter in a tournament in my opinion."

Heath Wassem, Fenway Golf Club (Scarsdale)- "I mostly teach and manage and then we try to sneak in a little play. Your own game is usually your own priority… I usually play with my members, and hit balls for 30-40 minutes when I have the chance, focusing on short game and putting."

Sean Quinlivan, Piping Rock Country Club (Locust Valley)- "Time management is very important. I only play probably twice a week."

Dave Fusco, Patriot Hills Golf Club (Stony Point)- "It’s always good publicity. Whether you win or lose, when you play well and get your name in the paper its good news for everyone."


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